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Simplicity FX

What we do

Taking away your stress

Transferring funds overseas for the first time can feel stressful.

We help to take away the stress and the worry. Not just by solving any money transfer problem with better, faster, more flexible deals, but also by answering your questions. Putting you at ease. Providing a safe pair of hands throughout the process.

We do it in two ways

First by making currency simple – bypassing the complexity of how mainstream banks move and hold money. Giving you options they just don’t have.


Second, should you wish you can talk to us in person about all your currency needs, either by Telephone, Skype or Zoom.


Because we’re on the ground, we’re perfectly placed to know your region and how other service providers, such as solicitors and estate agents, operate.

“We’re also experts in helping businesses pay international suppliers and receive payments from overseas clients. Fast, securely and with ease. Making payments run smoothly – every time.”

You’re always at the heart of our service. And our service is our currency.


Relax. Your money’s safe

The safety and security of your money is as important to us as it is to you. We take protecting your money very seriously. 

Your money is kept in segregated client accounts known as ‘safeguarding’ accounts, using global Tier 1 banking partners. It means the funds are kept separately for security and to comply with regulations. They are not an asset of our company.

Transactions you can trust

We never play with your money. We don’t speculate on the currency markets, or invest your money overnight.


When you enter into a transaction with us, we enter a matching, irrevocable binding trade with our bank. This turns your sold currency into your bought currency, from which your outward payment is made.

Enjoy better exchange rates


Do you want the best exchange rate to buy a house abroad, to transfer a pension or pay school fees? Do you own a business paying employees in different countries or trading internationally, buying goods and services overseas?


We will out perform the high street banks. And we make money transfers simple and stress-free.

Options you can’t get from your bank

We think you should be able to move your money in ways that suit you. Ways that your bank can’t offer. Like our buy-now-pay-later forward contract option. You fix the exchange rate before buying your house. So, you know exactly how much your property is costing you.


Make big savings on fees

International transfers can be costly. If you transfer your money overseas with your local bank you could be charged between EUR 15-30 for each transfer. It doesn’t sound much on a EUR 250,000 transfer to buy a property but the costs can add up. Especially if you are transferring money every month to pay a mortgage, bills or just moving your savings home. As we cover your currency transfer charges, this cost saving applies everywhere in the world you’re sending

your money

“Our solution removes unnecessary international payment fees and saves you money”

Stay informed and looked after

Stay informed with our regular updates on exchange rates and movements in the market. When you’re informed and up-to-date, it’s easier to decide when the time is right to transfer your money.

But you don’t have to decide on your own. Your dedicated account manager will get to know you and understand your needs, then suggest the best options available to help you transfer your money.


Your experienced, FX market specialist is just a call or email away.

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Join our growing client base of happy customers

Transact all major global currencies

To over 125 markets across the world

Trade currency online or over the phone


Simplicity FX’s payment and foreign currency exchange services are powered by GC Partners, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017; registered as a Money Services Business, regulated by HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017; authorised and regulated by the FCA and holds Part IV Permissions under the FSMA 2000.

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